How we work

In Eulalia de Lucia we believe in tradition, craftsmanship and quality materials, so we entrust our creations to expert artisans in ancestral techniques that work with toquilla straw. Thanks to this method, and the use of 100% natural dyes that respect the environment, we create a quality and authentic collection in which each piece is literally unique.

It is this process and attention to detail that gives distinction and authenticity to each of our designs. In short, a product for those who appreciate elegance and exclusivity. In addition, everything is finished in small local workshops in Spain. A unique synergy that allows us to offer handcrafted and authentic pieces bathed in our own essence and Mediterranean inspiration.

We currently collaborate with two countries, but we continue in our impetus to continue researching to find new artisans and traditional methods that allow us to continue creating unique pieces. Pieces that not only put in value the quality, but the value of the people who make it possible.