We believe in tradition, craftsmanship and quality of materials, therefore are committed to provide designs that have all been made by artisans skilled in craft techniques that work with the pajatoquilla, the main fabric of all our designs and artisans who continue to develop the same technique that has been used historically to create the  Panama hats, a method that allows to design our bags and hats.

Eulalia de Lucía was born in Cuba and in Ecuador thanks to the know-how of the artisans. Our intention is to create designs of the best quality, paying attention to detail, giving them distinction and elevating them to the place that belongs to them. We create authentic and handcrafted pieces bathed in our own essence and Mediterranean inspiration.

All designs have their origin in experts of hand and craft and are completed in small local workshops in Spain. Currently, we collaborate with two countries but we continue to strive and research to find new craftsmen and traditional methods that allow us to continue creating quality designs that not only value the design itself but the value of the people who have made it possible.