Passionate designs, full of vitality, rhythm, light, strength and the joy of living and wanting to enjoy every moment influenced by Havana. The magic, the streets, rhythms, dances and the people and their passion for life, have always been a source of inspiration for Eulalia de Lucía as well as her own take on life and towards herself, prioritizing and embracing a relaxed lifestyle, simple and authentic.

All this way of living is reflected in the small and exclusive boutique hotel; Loma del Angel, an oasis in the middle of Old Havana where the first models of the brand were sold.

Since she was little Eulalia was always closely linked to the island by the family business and as an adult, to business too, she continued to spend great periods of her life in Havana. Cuba, Havana, they are like Barcelona, a home for her.
Her heart belongs to both places and without a doubt it was natural and organic that the brand would emerge in this place.

Eulalia de Lucía was born and takes her inspiration from old Havana with the intention of creating quality, well made, beautiful, elegant and exclusive accessories for women who opt for the beautiful, while at the same time for the artisan and authentic.

Women that take care of themselves, who value the objects that surround them, who choose quality, that is real and that adds and contributes to their lives. Eulalia de Lucía is full of passion, curiosity, the adventurous spirit and the emotion of a woman who has created a brand based on her own lifestyle.

Only entering the hotel we can enjoy the smell of the jasmine essence with which EDL has designed a special candle for this hotel, as well a body oil and a hand soap.

This essence was discovered in one of her trips to India. A very warm and sensual jasmine aroma that defines the brand very well and that the guests can continue enjoying it at home. 
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