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Rose candle

Aromatic candle

If jasmine is the king of flowers, rose is the queen. Symbol of femininity by excellence, this scent stimulates the senses, balancing them and surrounding us with love and warmth. Light this candle to serenade any room and bring well-being into your home.

Handmade candle elaborated in Barcelona. Base composed of vegetable and mineral waxes with essence of white gardenia Essences of the highest quality, from Grasse-France, cradle of the perfume. The essence is dosed at the recommended maximum (10%) to obtain a perfect combustion and expansion of the perfume. The wicks, 100% cotton from one of the oldest (founded in 1817) and most select factories in the United States (Kentucky), dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of wicks. The glass container comes from Germany, chosen for its resistance and quality.

Burning time: about 60 hours.


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