“In my life trajectory I have had the great luck of being able to travel and enrich myself with places, cultures and people that I have met and that have given me experiences and a lot of learning. On this path I have felt the need to take care of my body as well as my mind.
After all, it is the temple of oneself and the one that will allow you to carry out our dreams Due to my restless, intrepid and curious nature, it has moved me to try all kinds of experiences, among which I have learned countless rituals used by women from all countries and cultures to take care of yourself and feel beautiful.
Those that have awakened an exceptional pleasure for my senses have been the  elixirs of beauty derived from oils and pure aromatic essences that our own nature.
That search for my own essence and how to project it to those around me has
been my encouragement to dig deeper and investigate the fascinating and beneficial world of cosmetics made with natural oils and essences. Therefore, I have decided to create a line of precious oils for personal care and to be able to share with everyone world what I consider a true luxury for the senses.
As a result of this work we have managed to develop a product of unsurpassed quality, vegan, based on 100% natural and ecological ingredients, respectful of the environment and ourselves, so much so that they could be ingested. With essential and absolute aromas, exhaustively sought after by the remotest places in the world to guarantee the jewel in the crown of oils. An exquisite  luxury that will not disappoint the most demanding and curious tastes.
I hope that our oils, in addition to all the properties that you are going to notice at the physical, evoke memories like those that have caused me.
EULALIA DE LUCIA continues to travel the world looking for those sensations and aromas endless.
Travel with me !!!