About us

Accessories turned into pieces of jewellery.

Authentic, natural, passionate, delicate and feminine. Eulalia de Lucía, a life style, always observing, paying special attention to small details.

Natural, sophisticated and elegant designs of unique, exclusive, original and special pieces created in Ecuador and finished in local workshops in our country, Spain. Handcrafted accessories using traditional leather craftsmen methods and a women’s foundation in Ecuador. Quality materials, attention to detail and respect for the environment.

Eulalia de Lucía was born in 2012 in Havana. Its name is that of her founder and creative designer. Both have always been linked to Cuba. In addition to taking inspiration from it, the brand began in the country located in the small and exclusive boutique hotel; Loma del Angel, an oasis in the middle of Old Havana where the first models of the brand were sold.

Passionate designs, full of vitality, rhythm, light, strength and the joy of living and wanting to enjoy every moment influenced by Havana. The magic, the streets, rhythms, dances and the people and their passion for life, have always been a source of inspiration for Eulalia de Lucía as well as her own take on life and towards herself, prioritizing and embracing a relaxed lifestyle, simple and authentic.